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Carrotmob on Mikszáth Square


IF we bring enough people to fill the square


THEN Lumen; 200%; Solarpanel; Selective waste collection bin; Green wall and other goals which did not fit here

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04 May 2013
04:00PM - 09:00PM


Lumen Nothing but the Blues Fiktív pub Zappa Café Leonardo Pizzeria Vostro Don Leone (Map)
1205 Budapest
Mikszáth utca, Magyarország

Organized by Robert Szucs

Join us and help the restaurants around Mikszáth tér (7 places) to become more environmentally friendly! The restaurants committed to spend a certain percentage (50-200%, see below) of their income that day on green developments.

Why Carrot?
In a Carrotmob campaign, a group of people spends money to support a business, and in return the business makes an improvement that people care about.
www.carrotmob.hu / www.carrotmob.org

Live music prodived by:
Shortstory (16:15)
Marcus De (GER) (17:30)
Magyar Császári Pillanatművek (19:30)
Host: Váradi János Stand-Up comedist

Come and drink one for the Earth!

Campaign Impact

All Carrotmob sales went to improve energy efficiency and fight climate change.

Fiktív pub devoted 50% of sales to improving insulation and lighting.

Zappa Café devoted 50% of sales to more efficient insulation, lighting, and furnace.

Leonardo Pizzeria devoted 50% of sales to installing motion sensor lights in toilet and other lighting improvements.

Vostro devoted 50% of sales to lightning efficiency.

Nothing but the Blues: devoted 50% of sales to lightning improvement.s

News from the organizers

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