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Taking pride in the first global Carrotmob!

By Brent Schulkin October 2, 2012

If you are shaking slightly and have the jitters while you try to read this, we understand. Anyone who has bought as much coffee as you have over the last 3 weeks could be forgiven for being a little more wired than usual today! We’re hearing great reports that you love the coffee, so hey, drink up, and let’s toast to our first ever large-scale campaign which ended on Sunday night!

As I hung from a harness and recorded the video for this campaign, I said, “I told her I thought we could spend ‘a lot,’ and I have no idea if that’s true!” Well now we know: Yes and no.

Yes, we spent a ton of money: more than $31,000. This is by far the most money that has ever been spent through a Carrotmob campaign, and it proves that this model can work! On the other hand, we set a lofty goal of spending $150,000, and we got a little over 20% of the way there.

Our aim was to spend enough that Thanksgiving Coffee would be able to fight climate change by pursuing wind-powered shipping. While we didn’t reach our spending goal, Thanksgiving Coffee has received so much support from the general public and the coffee the industry that they plan to continue to explore the transition to wind-powered shipping.

And in the meantime, they are going to take the other action we agreed on with them, which is to use those same funds to support climate change adaption and provide clean cookstoves to their coffee farming partners in Uganda at the Peace Kawomera Cooperative. We’ll follow up with an update once they have taken this action!

Even though we no longer have an excuse to sing sailor songs around the office, we’re thrilled with this result! To give you some context, when Kickstarter did their first-ever campaign, people only spent $3,000. It took them 5 full months of work on other campaigns before they had a campaign which surpassed the amount we’ve already reached on our first try!

Most importantly, we’ve learned a zillion things that will make our next campaigns better. With this first campaign, it was important for us to set everything up ourselves, but our future plans are to build a system which will let everyone in the mob collaborate on the creation of campaigns. We’re going to ask you all to help come up with the next campaign ideas.

We’ll share more soon, and in the meantime you can always take our survey to let us know which social and environmental issues are important to you and why.


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