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Kickin it Old Skool!

By Nisha Gulati January 22, 2013

Unbiased observers would agree Carrotmob is ALMOST the perfect way to have an impact while spending your money. But there has always been one problem:

Not everyone is available to show up at a certain time/place and wait in a line in order to participate.

Today we’re make it easier for more people to participate with a new type of campaign where you buy a voucher online to support the Carrotmob and redeem it in person at the participating business anytime you like!

We’re launching a campaign at Old Skool Cafe in San Francisco, a 1940’s Supper Club restaurant serving up some of the meanest Southern comfort food in the Bay all while providing training and apprenticeships for at-risk youth. We’re trying it out in SF and if it works well here, we’ll expand it everywhere.

Check it out: https://carrotmob.org/oldskool

Old Skool works with young people ages 16-22, once in foster care, in gangs and on the streets, and teaches them how to cook, serve, host and entertain - giving them the marketable employment skills they need to succeed in the restaurant industry.  Did we mention that they have a 5 star rating on Yelp?

Now Old Skool wants to provide even more opportunities for their staff!  We’re Carrotmobbing Old Skool to create a new college scholarship fund for their staff for continuing education.  The restaurant will set aside 15% of all the spending through the Carrotmob to provide staff with scholarships.

Now’s your chance to send kids to college just by enjoying Old Skool’s Southern classics like baby back ribs and fried chicken alongside speciality dishes like ceviche and West African peanut butter stew. Dream come true? We agree!

This campaign is for a restaurant in San Francisco, but if the rest of you think you’ll ever want to visit SF and give this restaurant a try, you can buy a voucher now since they never expire!

You know what else never expires? Our love 4U.

BTW - There is this crazy rumor that we will soon have a new tool for helping people get their own online campaigns going. Pay no attention to this wild and crazy speculation.


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