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Get to know a Carrotmobber - Ben Gleisner, New Zealand

By Nisha Gulati February 10, 2013

Ben Gleisner leads the Conscious Consumers group in New Zealand. We sat down with Ben who told us why he Carrotmobs and his dream of a 10 city mob

Q: What do you like about the Carrotmob movement?
A: It’s a positive way of encouraging better business practices. It links really well with the vision of our organization.

Q: What inspires you to Carrotmob?
A: I Carrotmob because it shows the business community that there are consumers out there that care. 

Q: Which campaigns were you involved with in 2012?
A: We did a 3-city nationwide Carrotmob in New Zealand that raised over $2200 for a solar power system for a Coffee Farm in Papua New Guinea.

Q: What are your 2013 Carrotmob plans?
A: We want to do a fully across-the-country Carrotmob with over 10 cities taking part. We also have ideas for a virtual Carrotmob where people buy specific products from stores over a period of a week like fairtrade bananas, organic milk etc. and log their purchases at the product stand and on their smartphone.


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