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All seven continents

By Brent Schulkin July 17, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, we have now reached Antarctica!

How did this happen? Well, it all started when we wrote up a question in our FAQ and decided to make fun of Antarctica:

So far the #1 country in the world for Carrotmobs is Germany, followed by the US, and then Finland. Australia has done the most on a per capita basis, with Canada in the number 2 spot. Asia, Africa and South America have each had Carrotmob campaigns, but Antarctica is our weakest continent, with zero Carrotmob campaigns. Hey Antarctica! You do realize that being a continent comes with certain responsibilities, right? I mean, sorry for melting you, but it’s probably in your best interest to pull yourself together and start Carrotmobbing!

So we assumed that the people of Antarctica, to the extent that they exist, would be none-the-wiser, and we would get some mileage out of this joke. But apparently our little diss was “polarizing” enough that they have already banded together to make Antarctica the 7th and final continent to have a Carrotmob presence! This is pretty amazing. They claim that they would have organized a real campaign in Antarctica, but there are no businesses on the whole continent. Being on a continent with no businesses makes organizing a campaign quite an uphill battle. We also learned that the 10 people (presumably including the photographer) are all part of the International Antarctic Expedition 2012 with Robert Swan, OBE and the 2041 organization. Furthermore, they represent the USA (3), UK (1), Australia (2), Argentina (1), China/Hong Kong (1) and India (2). Impressive crew.

So, unless anyone would like to raise an objection over the lack of actual money spent at a business, we hereby “count it,” and pronounce this team honorary Carrotmob organizers. Now let’s keep organizing before the whole continent melts away!


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